Completion of a powerful medical company, fulfillment of socially responsible, reliable company

Hello! Thank you for visiting Nanoom Tech Co., Ltd.

Nanoom Tech Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures medical devices while putting respect for life into practice. All executives and staff members of our company are focusing their overall efforts on becoming a powerful medical company, and fulfilling social responsibility ─ based on the slogan, ‘Let’s be a global leading company by pursuing safety, technology and quality and aiming at creating ultimate value for customers with reliable products.’

We also consider the fact that each of our products can save precious lives of customers and always keep the volition, in our mind, to provide safe, top-quality products and defect-free products that customers can trust in and use with confidence through practicing through, fast follow-up management.

Furthermore, we continuously pursue our founding ideas and visions and values, always with an unchanging humble attitude since the beginning without exaggerating small successes. We also pledge that we will always do our best as a reliable company fulfilling social responsibility and creating the best value for customers and stakeholders. We always welcome your visits and opinions. Thank you again for visiting Nanoom Tech!

CEO Mu-jin Choi